The Best Wifi Extenders from Netgear of 2022

So you seize the opportunity to take a half-day off work. You come home, make a big cup of coffee, and situate yourself at the kitchen table to do a little shopping. Cat gets cozy on your lap.  Sweet set-up, right? THEN, your WiFi starts cutting out.  Your connection is so slow you want to throw your tablet. You don’t expect to deal with dead zones when you’re using the WiFi in your own home.  Unacceptable. Grab your coffee, toss the cat off your lap, and move to the basement where you keep the router.  And yes, it works better down there, but it’s not where you want to be.

Looks like you need a WiFi extender.

  • You need a WiFi extender and not just any WiFi extender. The BEST WiFi extender, so this never happens again.
  • A WiFi extender, or range expander, is a small, wireless device you can plug into an outlet anywhere in your home or office, that will communicate with your wireless router and expand the reach of your Local Area Network.
  • Having a WiFi extender in an area of your home where your signal is normally weak should boost the weak signal to normal strength.  It’s less certain to work in an area where you receive no signal–that depends on which extender you buy.

You’ve got options.

  • The Netgear N300 was voted “best bang for your buck” in April 2017 by Best Reviews. It can extend your range up to 300Mbps and is equipped with two external routers.  Works great with mobile devices, game systems, and laptops — even in dead zones.

Additionally, the N300 has its own app so you can monitor your signal strength wherever you are.  Can’t beat it for the price!

  • The Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 dual-band is the best.  The “1900” means 1.9 Gbps!  Its speed and range are reliably consistent.  It also has five-gigabyte ethernet ports to connect all your devices–android or Apple.

Bonus: offers Fastlane technology to max out your existing internet speed.  You can add the EX6400 for additional speed if you need the rush.

  • Possibly the best overall WiFi extender is the Netgear AC1200 (EX6200).  This extender works on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands and offers 1200 Mbps of throughput.  This is listed as‘s top pick.

More to consider:

  • Lifewire advises to “avoid single-band extenders. Single-band extenders connect to your router and broadcast their own signals on the same band, and that compromises performance.”
  • Make sure that your router can support the WiFi extender you want to buy.  Is your router old? If the router isn’t at least an N, consider replacing it before you buy an extender.
  • Look for WPA: WiFi Protected Access on the package–you don’t want all your neighbors on your WiFi now that you own the best WiFi extender in the neighborhood.
  • Speaking of security, if you haven’t secured the signal from your router your WiFi could be slow because others are piggybacking.  Keep it secure!
  • Update your router’s firmware when needed.

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