How to Use Public WiFi Safely?

Seems like you are running out of internet connectivity? Do you still want to enjoy your favorite online shows, but it feels like your internet will not provide you enough support in the location where you are? After hearing the word “public Wi-Fi,” you will have many questions in your mind and feel like it is not safe to use. If the scenario is so, then this article is for you only. Here we will be going to discuss the things through which you can safely use public Wi-Fi, and after it, there is no need for you to deal with any battle of internet connectivity and security at all.

Using Public WiFi? Here are a few Safety Tips:

1. Details for signing up

There are certain public Wi-Fi networks available, which probably ask for unnecessary details for signing up. You need to check out what they are asking and how they will be going to use it. There might be a chance that you do not understand what the word is all about, but you must check on things attentively. Hackers hack some public Wi-Fi connections, and when users sign up on it, they use their personal information. Hence, do not let yourself in such a state at all and after checking on the information then only move ahead.

2. Choose Trustworthy Portals

When you are running out of internet connection and have the facility of public Wi-Fi available, do not rely on every network available. You must be choosing the desired ones only. You can take the example of CCD. If you are using the Wi-Fi at CCD, there is no trouble with your information.

But if you are using any other public Wi-Fi, then some problems may be there for you. Therefore, if you do not want yourself to be in a battle with such troubles, try to use those networks trustworthy. If you feel like the network available is trustworthy or related to any firm available around, then go with it.

3. Go with HTTPS only

Google Chrome has updated its security policy and brings out the best for users. Some portals have unencrypted HTTP connections, whereas some have encrypted HTTPS. You need to check out that you are using a secured one only. Google Chrome will allow you to get an idea of whether the portal you are using is secure to use.

There will be an indication available about the not secure and secure thing. After it, you can easily conclude about its security and after it, the decision is yours whether you want to continue with it or not.

4. Change the settings of your Device

Some devices are there where the action is available to connect automatically whenever the Wi-Fi network is available. When you are using public Wi-Fi, you need to disable it for a while.

Check out whether the connection you are choosing is secured to use or not.  After figuring it out, then connect with it.

5. Installation of a browser add-on for Plugins

If you do not want yourself to be in any trouble, install browser add-ons or plugins. You can go for Firefox add-ons, which are known to force the browser to use encryption websites only. It will not allow the data which is not encrypted. It will protect the device from any harm which may cause.

6. Turn off sharing

When you are using public Wi-Fi, you need to understand that you are not sharing stuff widely. Some hackers may be available on the same server, and they will grab all your details and data. Hence if you do not want yourself to be equipped with such trouble, wait for sharing the data until and unless you have your hotspot or Wi-Fi available. In case you have turned on the sharing, and hackers hacked the data, it will create some trouble for the future.

7. Use a VPN

A virtual private network is best to consider whenever a user wants to browse through public Wi-Fi safely. VPN will encrypt all the data traffic and act as a protector for you. Between the browser and the server, it will act as a platform that all data passing through it will not get visible to any of the hackers available. It will mask the IP of your device with their IP address in different locations. You just need to understand that the VPN you are available with is up to the mark and has all the features available.



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