How to Increase Router internet speed

Lagging and dropping connections is infuriating. WiFi is essential when we don’t have access to hard lines. This can be for personal use or business. We’re annoyed if our videos buffer — it’s worse when you’re unable to operate the business due to the shoddy connection! You’ve likely taken to online research when experiencing these dips in services. Trying to see how to improve performance and router speeds. Stabilizing the network and continuing with your activities. One earlier way was to overclock to improve router speeds. It’s still possible. Yet, most problems with speed come from the service and basic hardware configuration.

You can increase the Router internet speeds without having to get technical. Here is…

Easy 6 Ways to Improve Router Internet Speeds

If it’s the speed you want… it’s the speed you’ll get:

  1. Change the Channel – Modern routers default between channels 6 and 11. It may be likely your router is stuck in the lower ones or there is an interference with those around you. Consider using Wi-Fi Inspector, insider, or WifiInfoview to examine the channels and find the best for your router. When in doubt: change on over to 5GHz channels which provide higher speeds and less overlap in interference.
  2. Firmware/Driver Updates – Updates take a few minutes of your time but can increase the performance. These drivers and other firmware updates can be downloaded through router software or done so through downloads on the manufacturer updates.
  3. Placement – A super simple method of increasing router speed? Place it closer to your hardware. Block homes have heavy walls which reduce the WiFi signal. Manufactured homes with their metallic sidings will do the same. The distance matters, too. Try placing the router in a high position within the closest proximity. Change positions, run speed tests, and discover the best spot.
  4. Repeaters/Extenders – Can’t get the most from the main router? No problem. Buy an extender or turn old older routers into an extender with a few tweaks. This will bridge the gap and keep those router speeds high.
  5. Reduce the Load – Another simple one. Try to reduce the number of devices that are connected to the WiFi. Go through and turn off the connections — then test the speeds. Else, remove them from permissions within the router settings for an added layer of permissions. The same goes for reducing bandwidth-hogging applications such as streaming services.
  6. Leeching – Maybe the WiFi is open? Maybe the neighbor is tapping in? Time to get rid of the leechers. It’s the process of ‘reducing the load’ above. Time to tell the locals to take a hike by cutting off their connection. It’s as easy as changing the permissions and password.

And One More Major Tip

  • You’ve done the configuration. Placed the router in new areas. Configured the software and hardware. Great!
  • Want to know a quick tip? Call the provider.
  • You’d be surprised how quickly they’ll jump to improving service when you mention a competitor. Or if you want to replace their hardware.
  • You can do these two weeks to improve your internet Speed. Why not begin with a bigger bump to router speeds with a simple phone call? Combine that with hardware knowledge and you’ll have blazing speeds!

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