10 Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps for Android

Do you dread the words ‘connection error’? Do you obsessively monitor how many bars of WiFi signal you have? Are you one of the 60% of people who can’t go without WiFi for more than 1 day?  If so, you need an app to monitor WiFi. There are several available, and they all offer much more detailed WiFi analytics than you’d get using your phone or computer. We’ve listed some of the best WiFi monitoring apps below, with options for both iPhone and Android.

Why Monitor WiFi?

Not convinced yet?

The apps we’ve listed will:

  • Help you to troubleshoot issues with your connection.
  • Allow you to choose the best WiFi channels to connect to.
  • Provide you with detailed information on signal strength.
  • Find local WiFi hotspots.

These apps are ideal if you work from various locations, have a spotty home connection, or just love geeking out over data. Ready to learn more about WiFi than you ever wanted to?

Let’s go!

WiFi Analyzer

Did you know that WiFi involves different channels?

The more congested your current channel, the slower your internet connection will be.

For example, if your entire neighborhood is on channel 3, then you’ll all be getting pretty poor speeds.

If one smart guy decides to switch to channel 2, he’ll benefit from much better speeds.

So, how can you be like that smart guy?

With this app.

WiFi Analyzer displays a snazzy chart showing you how many networks are connected to each channel and allows you to pick the least congested.

The app works wherever you go, so it’s ideal if you use WiFi in lots of different locations.

It’s quick and easy to use, so there’s no issue with checking the best channel multiple times a day if you like.

This solution could even mean you don’t need to splash out on a WiFi extender.

Faster internet speeds at no cost? Win!


How many times have you wandered around a room, holding your phone aloft, hoping for a better WiFi signal?

Yep – we all do it.

But with this clever app, your wandering need not be quite so aimless.

OpenSignal displays the nearest cell towers on a map, and a simple compass points in the direction you need to walk for a better signal.

How cool is that?

It also allows you to carry out speed tests on different networks, ideal when you’re trying to decide between several.

You can also get info on which network provider is best in your area, and search for free WiFi hotspots nearby.

Network Analyzer

This iPhone app packs a powerful punch, with features including:

  • Detection of all devices using your network – good for security
  • Internet speed testing
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Ping testing
  • Detailed network information
  • IP range testing

As you can see, it lets you do way more than just monitor WiFi.

Network Analyzer is ideal if you want a really deep dive into your network, or need to troubleshoot complex problems.

It can handle large networks with multiple users with no problem and is very data-focused.

No one should have to deal with poor WiFi.

Download the apps above, and you’ll have all the data you need to get the best possible connection.

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