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Arris Router Login – Username, Password and IP Address

The Arris router web interface is your router’s control panel. To make any changes to your device settings. There is a web-based management console for each router. This is made by the Company for the user. A user can change the settings of the router easily by opening this management console. Various settings include Mac filtering, changing the Arris router admin password and username, changing the network name and password, soft reset of the router, and much more. If you want to know about any settings then you can contact us live through the given chat window.

Follow the steps to log in to your Arris router:

  • Turn on your computer system and connect it to your Arris router. You do not need any internet connection to open the management console as this is an internet built in the webserver.
  • Launch an internet browser such as Microsoft internet explorer, Google Chrome or Safari.
  • In the address bar of the browser, either type HTTP // or IP address.
  • Arris router login page opens where you have to provide a username and password. If you have not changed while the set up then uses default credentials otherwise enter the one you have changed. Note: it is recommended to change the credentials at the time of setup because of security reasons.
  • Click on the OK button to get to the admin page.

Assistance for various issues of Arris router

Various issues of Arris-link are:

  • Arris router admin page not accessible
  • HTTPS // is showing an error message
  • Difficulty in changing the default username and password
  • setup Arris issue
  • An error message of Arrisrouter admin password is wrong
  • How to reset the router
  • How to power cycle the router
  • How to set parental controls
  • How to make a guest network

What features do you get with your Arris router?

Tether App

Monitor and control your Arris router remotely by using Tether App and it also allows quick installation.

Wireless Speed

Stream HD videos without any interruption as Arris routers provide blazing high speed to access the internet

Wireless Security

All Arris routers provide encrypted wireless security such as WPA, WPA2. You can enable it at a push of the WPS button.


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