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There are more than 18 million IP addresses available worldwide. As we have talked about this in other posts there are two IP address types that are available. Private IP address and Public IP address types. The above said IP is one of the private IP addresses and can be used for hosts inside the network. Some router brands that are using this IP address include Level one, Cisco, and D-Link. Using some popular IP address,


Since the evolution of the internet and internet reaching many areas of the world the usage of the internet increased and the number of devices that are connected to the internet got increased 10 fold. Each and every device that is connected to the internet or the network must have a unique address that could be used to identify the device that is connected. There are like 25+ billion devices that are connected to the internet or the network. But there is only less than 4 billion IPv4 address available.

If we have to grand IP address to every device available in the network then it is very much unlikely since the availability of the IPv4 address is very limited. That’s why the concept of private IP address came into the existence. Here these private IP addresses can be assigned to the device that is inside the private network and not on the public domain.

This just improves the IP reusability and helps in the loss of the public IP address that is not necessary. These private IP addresses can be reused in the private networks but these addresses can be accessed only by the hosts that are inside the network.

Private IP address and the IP registry:

The main purpose of the IP address registry is that it regulates the IP address usage of the devices. But this registry does not handle the usages of private IP addresses. Because two networks that are related to each other can use the same private addresses despite the other networks using it. Since the IPv4 address will exhaust soon they have come up with the IPv6 addresses. These addresses will help to overcome the IP address scarcity.

Steps to login to

Like the other IP addresses, the routers that use IP can also be accessed by entering the IP address in the browser. You can follow the below steps to log in or access the settings page of the router.

  • Open your favorite browser. It may be chrome, IE, Edge, or opera. In the address bar type the IP and hit enter.
  • If your router’s default IP address gateway is then you will be redirected to the router’s settings page. This page is unique only for you and the devices that are connected to that particular router alone can open this page.
  • If the router’s settings page is not opened and it redirects you to the google results page then you have to try not to enter the IP in the google search bar and enter it in the search bar of the browser.
  • From this settings page, you can log in and control the complete settings for the router.
  • Use the default credentials of the router and log in to the settings page.

If you don’t know the credentials of the router you can access the same on the default username and passwords page.

Popular IP Misspellings

192.168.l.1   192.168.l.254   192.168.o.1   192.168.o.1.1

 192.168. ll  192.168.o.l  192.168.l.l

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