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Home » is an IP address for a router, which, whenever used to associate with the Internet, all PCs and gadgets that entrance the Internet through this router will utilize this location as their default entryway. This An IP address is a private IP address and it can be connected to the outside world internet since the private IPs cannot connect to the outside world. The reason that we use private IP addresses is to stop the over-exhaustion of the public IP address. If we start using the private IP addresses for the devices that don’t need to connect to the outside world internet then we can easily reduce the usage of IPv4 addresses which could save us some time to switch over to the IPv6 IP addresses.

    Note: is another most used login IP address by routers. You can give it a try if you fail to access your router login page using ! Cheers !

    Login Steps for

    • The first step is, Open any web browser type and press enter
    • Then Enter the default username and password, If you don’t know the default username-password then check our below table for router default username and password.
    • Enter the correct username and password,
    • The router admin panel will be open if you have modified your router’s admin panel and changed your router username and password.

    Default Router Username and Password List

    Have you haven’t changed your router’s username and password? Good! The following list provides the Default Credentials. Click your router from the List:

    Router Brand Login IP Username Password
    admin admin
    D-Link admin admin
    Netgear admin password
    Linksys admin admin
    Asus admin admin
    Belkin admin admin
    Huawei admin admin
    Cisco admin
    Tenda admin admin
    BenQ admin admin
    Digicom admin Michelangelo
    Sitecom admin admin
    Thomson admin user
    US Robotics admin admin

    What steps are to be taken if you forget your router username and password?

    In general, you can apply the password and username given by your router. If this isn’t the case, then you must handle the situation in a different way. This case applies to those who forgot their password once after changing it.

    • Reset the router by holding the button for about 30 seconds which locates at the back end. To reset, you need a needle or something else that can pass through the small hole.
    • once after 30 seconds, you can take off your needle and let the system reboot.
    • Rebooting the system will erase the data on the router that is set by you (like username and password of it) and it returns to the normal state containing the default username and password. Now, type the router’s default username and password from the user manual or from our list.

    Once after entering the ADSL router panel, change the default settings of the router to secure your network. Apply a new password and username that should be known only by you. This prevents others from accessing your router IP address without your permission.

    What is IP?

    At the moment every human being has an address through which he can be traced, similarly, every machine in the internet world has an address by which we can recognize him. This address is called an IP Address. Every machine has a unique IP Address Through which it is connected to the unique network. is a private IP Address that is used for routers. Two types of IP versions are mostly used at this time, Which are IPV4 and IPV6. is IPV4( version 4 IP)  type IP address. The full form is a Unique identifier address. IPV4 uses 32 binary bits to create a single IP address. IPV$ is expressed by four numbers separated by dots.

    The purpose of using is a default IP address that is booked for the modem or wireless routers to identify themself on the private network. This IP address is used as the default address for various router brands. Home uses or small business routers are used at IP addresses. This IP address is a C class IP address, it is 24 bits and this type of IP address starts to This is a 4 generation IP address. If you enter in your browser’s address bar to access your router’s admin interface. The main reason to use the IP is to connect to the internet, change your password, see the time period of your internet pack, etc.

    FAQ IP address

    What is

    • is an IP address for a switch, which, whenever used to associate with the Internet, all PCs and gadgets that entrance the Internet through this switch will utilize this location as their default entryway.

    How do I access

    • Type physically on your program’s location bar. You can possibly get to this in case is your switch’s IP address; else, you should check your switch’s IP address; you will frequently think that it is on the underside of the gadget. In the meantime, when you’re on the page, you should sign in utilizing the certifications you have set or the default qualifications of your switch; the default is frequently all things considered “executive” or “administrator,” yet certainly, really take a look at the underside of your gadget.

    Why can’t I access

    • 1this isn’t your switch’s IP address (check your gadget’s underside for the right IP address)
    •  you are not interfacing with the web through the switch related to this IP address.

    Getting the Most Out of Your IP?

    • As we move closer and closer to a more online world, cyber security is critical to our safety.
    • Your router can connect you to the Internet, but you have to make sure unwanted guests stay off your network.
    • Check it regularly to ensure your system hasn’t been infected.
    • You can also use a WPS setup to reduce the number of entry points cyber criminals have access to.
    • Got more questions?
    • You can also contact us with any queries.
    • We’re always here to help.

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