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  To access the admin panel type in the address bar of your web browser or click on the button below:

Login  Admin

There are different types of IP addresses, including local, private, and gateway addresses. You may use the address 192.168.l0.1 admin login to send data requests over the internet from a computer connected to the network. Your router’s IP address is also publicly accessible. Whenever you visit a website, an ISP uses the public IP address to transmit information about the site you visited your router, with your router sending the data. Your Router network might be using another address such as, or

The address enables access to your router

Your home probably has a router if you use the Internet. Your basic Wi-Fi network has been set up and is running due to the router being plugged in. It is possible you are unaware that your preset network is less. It might not be optimized for you to use such a network, or you might not have a password set. is the IP address to use when changing the Wi-Fi network settings on your router. Even if your router was set up by a professional, perhaps even your ISP, you might need to use 192.168.l0.1 ptcl if you run into any problems. Having the ability to access the router’s admin page is always handy if you need to make any changes, and getting there isn’t as complicated as you might think.

  1. A computer that can connect to the internet will be required, though it’s likely that you already have one. Smartphones, computers, and laptops are all suitable. A computer device must then be connected to a router. With either a wireless or wired ethernet connection, you can do this.
  2. You should now open your favorite web browser on your computer. Among the most popular browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Your IP address is Enter your IP address into the search bar of your browser.
  3. The router’s login page can be accessed by typing into your web browser. To access your router, you’ll need your username and password. Your router admin page will appear once you enter the correct details.

It is possible to find the default login information on the router’s base if you do not know the router’s login details and have never changed them. Alternately, they can be located on router manufacturer’s websites. In the event you forget the router’s details after changing them, you can restore its factory settings. Upon rebooting, your router settings will be reset to the defaults, and any changes you’ve made will be undone.

A step by step guide to configuring

You now have access to your router’s admin page following the above steps. Next, decide what settings you prefer and change them accordingly.

The Router Configuration Guide

Routing admin pages can be intimidating, with all their numbers and computer terms. Changing your login details is a great starting point.

  1. Access the router admin page by following the steps above. Navigate through the list of options on the main page until you reach the general settings menu.
  2. You will see a menu with the router password.
  3. Choose a password you would like to use. You should remember it, but it should still be secure.
  4. Never forget to save the details when making changes.

Changing the router’s username is also possible while you’re in the general settings.

Here is a guide to changing your local IP address

Changing the actual IP address of your router is another common setting you’ll find on your router. Below is more information about your router’s two IP addresses.

  1. You will need to enter the router admin page once again. Detailed instructions are provided above. You will find a general settings menu on the main page, or something similar.
  2. You should then choose the “network settings” option.
  3. Then scroll down until you see “router settings” and enter your IP address there.
  4. Then click OK.

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