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To access the admin panel type in the address bar of your web browser or click on the button below:

Login  Admin

On many routers,, for example, is often configured as the default gateway, or as the IP address of a router. It is possible to modify a router’s settings with this address, for example, by accessing its administrative console. While you do not have to connect to the Internet, connecting your device to the router (Windows, Mac, or Android) via LAN is recommended. Accessing the router login page and dealing with accessibility issues are discussed in this section.

Most routers have an IP address of you only need it once in most cases. This process is performed by a technician. is why you can’t reach it. If you change the SSID (WiFi network name), the WiFi password, or parental controls, it may affect the router. If you want to log in to your router, you will need the IP address of Using some popular IP address, By logging into your router, you can access statistics and manage your data traffic.

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Logging into

Accessing the router’s login page is possible using its IP address.

1. Where to find a router’s IP address is the IP address you will need to enter to access the router admin panel after connecting your device.
IP addresses are usually located on the front or back of routers. If you cannot locate the file, you can locate it by following the steps below:

Launch Command Prompt by clicking on Start

  • The IP address can be found with ipconfig
  • Local Area Connection is the next section to locate
  • The “Default Gateway” section can be found here.
  • The IP address of your computer is contained in your router’s IP address

2. My Router IP Address And Connectivity

You can now access the administration panel. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

  • Open the browser on your device
  • It is also possible to type or www. instead of
  • Check the URL for accuracy, such as www. and not www.
  • Browser access to your router is possible
  • It can be root or administrator, and the password can be administrator or 1234
  • By using Google, you can find your router’s default login information and Activate

You can now:

  • For the admin panel and network connection, you need to change your username and password
  • If you encounter IP address conflicts and need to change the DNS, you can change to something else
  • Put restrictions and firewalls in place to enhance your security
  • Create a parental control system
  • Monitoring current and past router activity

Some of the top brands using

Engenius, Fortinet, and Rosewill all use as their router IP address. You can change the IP address if it’s not the default IP address on your router. The router settings can always be accessed if this is not the case.

How to reset your router and troubleshoot it

Can’t access your admin panel? Below is listed the steps to follow to access it:

  • Those are the URLs to put in your browser’s address bar as it’s very common to misspell these as,,, or www.
  • Hard reset your router if the default password has been changed. To reset your device, hold down the reset button until the light flashes. The router’s settings have been restored to their original state.
  • For those unable to log in to the route – try using another browser or deleting the browser’s cache and cookies
  • Attempt to solve the problem yourself if nothing works, or consult a professional

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