Login Admin IP Address

  To access the admin panel type in the address bar of your web browser or click on the button below:

Login  Admin – 192.168.l.0 is a private IP Address that is used as a default gateway address to log in as admin to settings of the router. Router login by using the link login is one of the important aspects of maintaining a healthy Internet connection without compromising on the security aspects. Router login is used to set up an Internet connection for the customer, as it helps the customer as well to know more information about his or her Internet connection on a broad image.

How to log in to

  1. Open Your web browser’s address bar, type or, and press Enter.
  2. Then enter the login username and password to continue
  3. Most people forgot the default username and password. most common using default username and password is (admin) and (admin)
  4. Once you enter the correct username and password. the admin panel will be open
  5. You will be now logged in to the router management interface.

How to troubleshoot Internet connection

It is important for people to understand the setup process of an internet connection to troubleshoot in an effective way. The internet connection is a set of multiple protocols and connections both in software and in hardware. Try to filter the connection issue from the start of the process or the connection, as it is important for you to understand whether the connection is being properly established by the Internet service provider or not.

  • Call up the ISP or an Internet service provider and check the connection status from their end and confirm that the connection status has no problem in general.
  • If you can find a genuine Internet connection from the ISP or the Internet service provider, then the problem could be either in your router or with the connection line from the hub. Try to contact the local service team to find the information about the hub and its connectivity to your router.
  • If you can find the proper connection from the hub to your router and are still unable to access the Internet on your mobile device on your computer, then the problem is with the router.
  • The router can be reset either by using the hardware device or by accessing the router login page on your computer.
  • Try to reset the router with the help of the login page on your computer to start. After refreshing the router, you should be able to access the Internet connection without any flaws.
  • If you are unable to access an Internet connection, you can go ahead and perform a hard reset with the help of a button available on the physical router.
  • Ensure to know your router password, as it helps you connect back to the Internet connection easily.
  • After performing the hard reset, the Internet connection establishment on your router would have been erased. It is important to set up an Internet connection on your router to provide Internet access to your computer or any other mobile device at home.
  • You should be able to access the Internet after performing the hard reset and setting up an Internet connection on your router by providing a fresh password to access wireless connectivity to any of the mobile devices.

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