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To access the admin panel type in the address bar of your web browser or click on the button below:

Login Admin – 192.168.l00.1 is a private IP Address that is used as a default gateway address to log in as admin to the settings of the router. This comprehensive guide will show you how to identify the IP address In today’s hyperconnected and online world, routers play a vital role. We can connect to the online world by using routers, which provide the network center and allow multiple users to connect simultaneously with the modem. It is for this reason that administrators need authorized access to their console and configuration. Whatever the issue is – whether it is a network issue, changing access rules, or dealing with another issue – you must know the IP address of your router. Private IP addresses are commonly available, one being Routers’ IP addresses are the default addresses, so there is an increasing need to know how to access your router’s IP address. Your Router network might be using another address such as, or

About the 192.168 100.1 and IP

This IP address ( is used by some of the popular routers and home broadband networks, and it is used within a Local Area Network (LAN) only. You can use this IP address within a local area network only, and it cannot use over an Internet connection.

Most popular router brands mostly use the IP address, and some of them can include Netgear, Huawei, Arris, D-Link, and Scientific. If you own a router from these brands, you can access their admin console using the 192.168 100.1 IP address.

Some other brands also use the 192.168.1 0.1 IP address, if your router supports this IP address you can easily access it using your web browser by accessing the IP address of your router (Steps shown below).

On the page, users can typically troubleshoot a modem problem and make administrative changes like changing the router’s factory default password when setting up a home network.

As isn’t the only IP address used in this fashion by router manufacturers, a router user might find out that his router has a default, private address of or IP These designations obviously follow the same nomenclature system as the IP address.

192.168.l00.1 Login Admin Steps

192.168.l00.1 Huawei is not something that most people do often, which is why many people don’t know how to log in to this router. It’s simple, really. Steps to follow:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the same network as your router before you attempt anything. Open your web browser after you have verified the connection, then prepare your IP address. Your router packaging will have this information on the back.
  2. You need to type in the Router’s IP address as follows: in the address bar of the web browser. Here is an alternative. An authentication dialog box will appear to prompt the user. It may not be your router’s IP address if you are receiving an error message. Without the autocomplete, try typing it again.
  3. An authentication dialog box will appear to prompt the user. Both user name and password are generally set by default as ‘admin’ in most cases. Don’t worry if you forgot your username and password! You can retrieve them by following these instructions.

Another method for 192.168.l00.1 Huawei Login setup

  • First step login into 192.168.l00.1 Huawei Login  (or) Huawei HG8245A Router web-based management page
  • Once you logged in, now see the router login page
  • Then choose Wi-Fi Settings > Wi-Fi Basic Settings
  • Then you can type a username and a password, hit “Login” and now you can see the Huawei HG8245A router control panel
  • Now you can customize all your settings and also change the WiFi password.

How to Connect Wireless Devices (iOS) & Android?

  • First, open the Settings app and make a selection of Wi-Fi menu articles.
  • Pick your wireless network from the list, if you were asked to provide the network password. Android
  • Launch the setting app, and pick the wireless & network.
  • From there, pick the wifi to see the list of accessible networks.
  • Now, pick your wireless network from the list, Just in case, you are asked to enter the network password.

Connecting the Cisco Router with Computer System using IP

Before you access the login router Cisco page, you will need to create physical connections between your Cisco router and computer. That computer system will be used to access the Cisco router login page so you can go for the Cisco wireless router setup page. Here are the steps for connecting the Cisco router to your computer system.

  • Take the Ethernet cable and connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the yellow port of the Cisco router.
  • The other end of the Ethernet cable will need to be connected with the computer system you want to use for the HTTP 192.168 100.1 Cisco router login access.

You have to make sure to connect the Ethernet cable correctly otherwise your Cisco router may get damaged. After creating the Ethernet connections for the Cisco router, you will need to cross-check the status LED for the Cisco router.

  • The status LED will be ON if the Cisco router is working accurately.
  • The status LED for the Cisco wifi router login will blink if the Cisco router is getting power access.

Don’t see the router administration interface then what you should do:

Sometimes it can be possible to not find the router administration interface at So there is a probability to have configured the router using another IP address. If you are having a Wi-Fi connection so you should try to switch on a wired connection for ensuring no connectivity issue. It’s a very easy process and you can easily access the ADSL modem and you do not face any connectivity issues using

Above are the methods to log in to your router from devices such as Windows, mobile, Mac OS, and Linux. If you need more explanation regarding the login process please watch the video below.

How do connect the computer to the network?

To connect a computer to the network, it must be installed correctly and it is also necessary to know whether it is physical or remote. What would that be? Physical networks are usually made by old devices, in which there was no wireless data sharing, without the possibility of sending data without cables or sharing the internet without a network cable.

The remote ones would be routers with the availability of a wireless connection, as seen in WiFi. To connect, in these cases, the user needs to know the network access login (username and password).

Some Popular Username and Password List

Router Brand

















admin IP The default username and password list:

  • You will also be able to get some of the default usernames and passwords of this particular IP address from online open-source like Google, etc.
  • Just in case, you do not like any of the default usernames or passwords, you could always and anytime change it as per your preference.
  • For doing this, all you have to do is to go to the bottom of the router and search for an information sticker. You could always refer to the manual that you will get along with the router.
  • However, in cases like these, it is highly recommended to reset your router to the factory settings, by long-pressing the small button that you will be able to find at the back of your router, for an approximate time of 10 seconds or so.

Forgot IP address username and password

Every time you purchase a new modem or router, you get the default IDs listed in the manual or printed on the box. You may even contact the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to access the default IDs.

  • Fix 1: You may use the below table to reveal the router info if you’ve never altered your default password & username.
  • Fix 2: If the default password & username already have been altered, you require resetting the router so that you may use the new IDs once more. Steps for resetting a router: Warning: all formerly saved data & configurations will be removed if the router is reset. It alters your router into a router prepared by a firm. IP Changing the password

Users can change the password by the following method.

  • Access the default gateway using the router’s IP address.
  • Then, it will prompt the user to enter the device code.
  • The code can be found on the side of the gateway.
  • Next, the user should select WPA/PSK encryption settings.
  • Here, they can type the new password and save it.

Steps for recovering wi-fi Username and Password:

  • In case a person forgets or lost his username or the password to the Admin Panel of the Wi-Fi Router, then do not have to worry as this type of problem occurs often to many people out there.
  • Many users of the Ip address in the world will change the username as well as the password of the Router and later on, they just forget that username or the password. So, the proper solution to this kind of issue is really easy and one can get back access to their Wi-Fi in just a few minutes.
  • There is another thing that a person will need for the purpose of recovering the Wi-Fi Username or the Password, and that is needed to do a factory reset with their Wi-Fi Router. As a one can factory reset the router, then that person would be able to log in to the Wi-Fi Router by simply using the default username or the password.
  • Alter thing that a person could do is he can search on the internet for the default login username or the password (credentials) or also a person can go and check out the manual of the router or the box in which this router comes along with for the default system credential.

If You can’t log in or Access

In a few instances, you may write your router IP address appropriately, and yet, you can’t get access to the webpage of your router. Actually what this indicates is that your router makes use of a special IP address. If you don’t have any idea what this is, obey the steps below to easily get access to your router’s IP. While you detect it, search for it online to receive the default login details.

  • To start with, visit the “run” menu by seeking “run” in the inquiry bar of windows or by pushing the Windows + R buttons simultaneously.
  • While the run window emerges, in the textbox write CMD & to open the command prompt press on the enter button.
  • After the command prompt launches, in it, write or copy & paste the command “ipconfig/all” & later click enter.
  • After you press enter numerous IP tends to will emerge in the prompt window. You need to search for & locate the one that is called the default gateway IP, this could be the IP address for the router.
  • Finally, write that IP for searching for the login webpage in the location bar of the browser.

Here are some commonly misspelled IP mistakes users make and the proper way of entering them:

Incorrect: 192.168.l00.l


Incorrect: http://192.168.I00.1


Incorrect: https://192.168.l00.1


Incorrect: 192.168.l00.l login

Correct: login

Cannot able to connect to IP address?

In case you are getting difficulties connecting to the IP address, here are some reasons that might cause it, along with the reasons you could check out below.

  • There is a faulty router

It might be something wrong with the router that causes you to be unable to connect to the 192.168.l00.1 IP address. Modern routers commonly come in small computers, and thus, you would never realize when something went wrong. In order to rule out the failure on hardware, you have to consult the router’s manufacturer.

  • There is no physical connection

There is a number of routers that would require you to create a physical connection before you would be able to use the IP address. This can be done by using an Ethernet cable to get access to the admin crossing point. All you need to do is simply connect an end of the Ethernet cable to your computer, and another end of the Ethernet cable to the router.

  • Wrong IP address

One thing to be noted here is that IP addresses cannot be considered to be user-friendly, plus, it would be easy to create any error when you are typing them. Hence, the only way for you to be sure that you have typed the correct IP address is, by simply copy-pasting the IP address onto your address bar browser.

What are private and what are public IP addresses? 

A public IP address is one to which the Internet has access. In fact, like mail addresses for delivering mail to our homes, an IP address that is public is the distinctive and one-only IP address that is allocated to a device. If you wish to find the public IP address which you are using, it is found on the page called ‘What is my IP Address.’

Internet Protocols – What are they?

Anyone interested in the more technical stuff of computer systems and networks, or even casual Internet surfers, will have heard the term IP. But the question to ask is: do you know what that means or what it’s for? IP addresses (Internet Protocol, or Internet Protocol, in Portuguese) serve as identification of any device connected to a network. Each computer, cell phone, or router, for example, has its own IP that locates it when it is communicating with a connection.

What is an IP Address?

What we call an IP address (Internet Protocol Address) is the address used by devices connected to other packet networks using the Internet or TCP/IP protocol to exchange data using the network path. An IP address is required to access all the other computers on the Internet, and each computer with an Internet connection is assigned an IP address by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Two devices with different IP addresses do not have to be on the same network to communicate with each other, they can communicate with each other through routers.

How Does An IP Address Work?

  • Like all houses have unique addresses that allow the mail companies to distinguish what packages to send to which residence, every machine also has a great deal of information that it communicates with the internet and receives.
  • IP addresses are addresses that are unique. To put it differently, IP addresses are unique identifiers of each machine. In an IP-based network, devices connect and communicate with one another through IP addresses, for instance, the Internet.
  • There is no public IP address associated with 192.168.l00.1 indihome. In the market, there are a limited amount of private IP addresses, but they are the most dominant IP addresses.

Using IP Address

An IP address, which is not correct, many of the devices admit IP address as an entirely accurate and approved. After accessing your router with the help of the above procedure you can easily get access to your admin panel. Here you can see different options for both fresher and professionals. Settings like MAC, WPS, WAN, LAN, WLAN, MAC, proxy, and many others. While the maximum of the users according to their daily requirements just look the default or simple and suitable options for the modifications.

Brands using IP Address

To name just a few, Ambit Microsystems, Motorola, Ubee, Arris, Askey, Lenovo, Netronix, Planet, SmartRG, Unbranded, and ZyXEL use the IP address.

An IP Address That Is Popular: //192.168.l00.1

The 192.168 range is quite popular around the world due to the dominance of IPv4 addresses, especially the 192.168.100 variant. Many renowned router manufacturers use the IP address as the default IP address for their routers, including SMC, Tenda, Belkin, Airlink 101, and Edimax. To configure the router settings and access the authorization pattern, you need access to the router settings regardless of whether you are logging into a Belkin router or an Edimax router. 


Most users will not need this guide beyond the half that concerns the router log-in process. Unfortunately, troubleshooting routers can be challenging at times. Here’s how to fix the https //192.168.l00.1 error when users type in the IP address.

There 2 reasons for this error are as follows:

  • The router cannot be contacted by the network due to being offline
  • Your router is not accessible because of a technical problem

In the event that you face difficulties logging into your router, what should you do? Look out for the possibilities:

What is the condition of the Ethernet cable?

  • Using an Ethernet cable, you can connect the modem and router (if the connection is wireless) or connect devices to the router (if the connection is wired). Fit it in tight, ensuring it is properly connected. When logging in, you may receive an error message due to a loose or disconnected cable.

What is the status of your router?

  • In order to access a router, you need the router. Make sure it is properly connected to a socket and all symptoms are in order. LED lights are used in modern routers to indicate whether a transmitter is delivering data to one or more ports, whether they are receiving data, and so on. There are even some that offer a red warning symbol in case of a problem. Refer to the router’s user guide to determine which light is used for what purpose.

Rebooting the router is the last resort

Rebooting the router may be necessary if all else fails. It resets the IP address and reboots the router. Rebooting your router is as simple as this:

  • You must unplug your router from the wall outlet in order to disconnect your modem from it.
  • Power off your router and computer (if you’re using a wired connection).
  • Before beginning to power on the computer and the internet modem, make sure that the router is on.
  • The computer must be connected to the router first. By this time, the router can not only reset its IP address but also reset the IP addresses of all connected devices.

Another method of steps to reset a router:

Warning: All formerly saved configurations & data will be deleted if a router is reset.

  • Switching off the router
  • Push the reset key until the router is switched on for 15-20 seconds
  • Release the key and allow the router to reboot
  • Now via a WiFi connection get connected to the router and/or a network cable & log in with the default IDs

The latest method of resetting Your Router And WiFi Password

  • If all else fails, start from mile zero.
  • Should you not be able to get your WiFi password back after following the above tips, there’s only one option left:
  • Resetting your internet router.
  • Most routers will have a pinhole-sized opening toward their backside. When inserting the end of a paperclip into it, hold it there for fourteen seconds. This will make sure you’re fully resetting the router.
  • After doing that, you’ll have to reinstall your router. This may mean you’ll have to look for your router’s instructions to install it again.
  • A fresh install will allow you to reset your password, even though it may be some work.

 have any more questions for us on how you can get back your WiFi password? Feel free to get in contact with us

Setup WEP/WPA Security Key Using IP Address:

  • At first, you need to access your default web browser.
  • Enter in the URL bar of your browser.
  • You can find the page of login credentials.
  • Enter the username and password to log in to the router.
  • Then next Go to Menu which appears on the left side panel of the same page.
  • Select the ‘Security’ option from the drop-down menu present on the left side of the page.
  • You need to give a strong security key to your router in the provided field.
  • Just save and restart your router to get appropriate network signals.

Features of IP address

  • This IP address helps its users to connect to the router in an easy way.
  • User-friendly router IP address.
  • This IP address is a connection process simple and connects fast.
  • This routers IP address life in long time use.
  • This router IP wife connection connects with more than 5 devices.

Care for the security of your devices and your network

Never choose the option where you leave your home’s internet without a password because you will leave you and all the residents of the home without any kind of security regarding the information transmitted on your network. Open networks attract the most diverse types of people, including bad intentions, where you can have banking information, personal data, and even confidential professional data being released on the Internet, without your authorization.

That’s why we recommend the WPA2 password standard so that all your data is safe from intruders who want to exploit people in exchange for personal gain. You may be thinking that it is a great exaggeration to be able to invade someone else’s network, this is where many people are wrong, it is simpler than you might think. So be careful, don’t give your network password to strangers or neighbors and, if possible, change it from time to time

Importance of Network Connectivity

  • If you’re working in an individual setting, on only one device (e.g., your personal laptop), you can just hook your modem up to your computer for Internet access. Yet, if you want to access the Internet from two or more devices, a router is necessary.
  • If you want your network to have an Internet connection, your Netgear router setup must include a connection to your modem.
  • Keep in mind that a “network” isn’t just a term reserved for corporate settings with slews of computers.
  • A network can be as simple as the set of technology your family uses to hop online. Got a smartphone, laptop, and tablet in your home? Yep, you’ve got a network.

Different Ways to Secure Your Wifi Network:

By typing ‘’ in the browser, the router’s page tends to open where you have to type in the username and the password of the router. Each router tends to have a unique username and password.

1. Keep Password As Strong:

Easy passwords are easy prey. A strong wireless network password includes a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and characters. 

2. Change Wifi Router Name:

Changing the SSID name (or the wi-fi router’s name) may not make sure to keep your network more secure. Usually, the SSID name for the network is in the default setting. Changing the SSID name will let others know which network they’re going to connect to their devices.

3. Encryption Required:

Wireless signals are to be encrypted so that other computers do not use internet connectivity. Some encryption methods are WEP, WPA(WPA-Personal), and WPA2(Wi-Fi Protected Access Version 2). While WEP is basic encryption, WPA2 is the secure one and most preferable. If you wish to enable wireless encryption, open your router page where the network will ask you to choose the network security method that you’d like to choose

4. SYNC The MAC Address:

Every laptop or a smartphone tends to have MAC addresses just like any other computer having an IP address of its own. By adding the MAC addresses of your devices to the wireless network setting, only the selected devices will access the internet of your wireless network.

5. Wifi Network Range

It’s always better to keep the range of the wireless network to be small. Greater the network range, greater possibility of others to use your internet connection.

6. Latest Firmware

Make sure that your router is up to date updated to the latest firmware. Keep tabs on the manufacturer’s site to know more about the latest firmware.  

Do not forget to enable the Firewall:

If you have Firewalls available on your device, then do not forget to enable them. It will prevent hackers from unauthorized resources to get access to your system. There might be a chance that you feel like it is not providing you complete protection, but it is important to enable it every time. It will act as a barrier to protect the device from all Malware threats easily. It keeps an eye on everything and then brings out the best for you. If the Firewall is activated, then there is no need for you to worry about Security at public Wi-Fi

These are the methods one can consider whenever dealing with public Wi-Fi and want it to be a safe activity. If you feel like not even a single method is working in your favor and still, you are facing the same safety level, then be patient for a while and do not go for any of the public Wi-Fi systems available. Browse through it with the data available on your device only.

192.168 100.1 IP why My Connection is Too Slow A slow

connection is frustrating to deal with. If you watch movies or play games online, surely you’ve encountered slowdowns that have a negative impact on your experience. There are some simple solutions to optimizing your connection speed to your Netgear wireless router. Router configuration could be the source of your problems. In certain wireless configurations, disabling these two settings can increase your speed greatly. Configuring upstream to QoS tells your router to prioritize data out. This can increase performance for gaming. If you spend more time watching video or streaming from the web, consider prioritizing downstream with QoS.

Solution of TP-Link Router Common Issues

  • When you are using the cable Ethernet to connect to TP-Link, you must be aware to connect the cables carefully, your negligence may face errors like a loose connection or weak signals.
  • If the same problem appears using wireless connectivity, then find whether the router is placed where it can receive the signals. Not getting the proper signals is also a reason for facing loose connection errors.
  • In case you use the router for extending the Wi-Fi, then use the same password or channel as per your modem or access point. Using various passwords or channels will respond with no connectivity or limited connectivity on devices. However, there is no issue to use a different SSID.
  • When you get into a connection problem, the DNS settings work effectively. DNS IP Addresses can be set via DHCP settings.
  • Connectivity-related issues also appear with the firmware glitch and incompatibility among all the devices you connected, it results in the IP conflict and unable to assign the IP address. This problem can be fixed when you disable the DHCP server and restart your device again.
  • Problem with connectivity is also a result of an issue with ISP (Internet Service Provider) which needs to be fixed quickly. You must call the internet service provider if the problem of connectivity is not resolved.
  • You may face other problems like the Internet is dropping easily via TP-Link Router, Updating firmware, uploading modem bin files, etc., you can get us to troubleshoot all issues in a minimum time.
FAQ IP adddress

What is

  • is an IP address for a switch, which, whenever used to associate with the Internet, all PCs and gadgets that entrance the Internet through this switch will utilize this location as their default entryway.

How do I access

  • Type physically on your program’s location bar. You can possibly get to this in case 1921681001 is your switch’s IP address; else, you should check your switch’s IP address; you will frequently think that it is on the underside of the gadget. In the meantime, when you’re on the page, you should sign in utilizing the certifications you have set or the default qualifications of your switch; the default is frequently all things considered “executive” or “administrator,” yet certainly, really take a look at the underside of your gadget.

Why can’t I access

  • 1this isn’t your switch’s IP address (check your gadget’s underside for the right IP address)
  •  you are not interfacing with the web through the switch related to this IP address.

How Can Troubleshoot the Internet Connection On my IP Router?

  • First, connect the devices together.
  • Next, log in Tenda wireless setup page.
  • Verify the connection status on Tenda wireless setup page.
  • Now, troubleshoot the internet connectivity issues, when the status connection shows, disconnected.

Getting the Most Out of Your IP?

  • As we move closer and closer to a more online world, cyber security is critical to our safety.
  • Your router can connect you to the Internet, but you have to make sure unwanted guests stay off your network.
  • Check it regularly to ensure your system hasn’t been infected.
  • You can also use a WPS setup to reduce the number of entry points cybercriminals have access to.
  • Got more questions?
  • You can also contact us with any queries.
  • We’re always here to help.

I wish to expand the wireless coverage via WDS?

  • It happens because sometimes, your wireless router is placed away from your device. This makes the wifi signals weaken and your devices start receiving low internet signals.
  • So, open a web browser on PC1 which connects to R1.
  • Now, type the default IP address into the browser address bar.
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